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The Summons to the Secret Councils

Part III

                         Captain Avalon is the Speaker


       "In the Great Light, I greet you. I am Captain Avalon. I am the
       Commander of the Floridian Command Communications Center under
       Cook Mountain.

        "We wish to clarify these matters. Your confusion has ensued in
       classifying the briefing withdrawal as aphase of the global
       evacuation. During this training withdrawal, there are not
       likely to be ant global disturbances present. These gatherings
       are designed as training programs for our Earth-based
       Commanders. Our large element of their responsibilities will be
       the education of Light workers and their followers. SPECIAL
       Concentration is directed toward specialized training for the
       changes ahead.

        Please make this distinction. The very first action will be the
       lifting of these ground leaders -- the Elect, who bear
       tremendous responsibilities in their assignments. This is a
       TEMPORARY withdrawal for a short period of time, and is NOT a
       lift-off phase of the global evacuation. It is not necessarily
       a lift-off, since all councils will remain in your atmosphere
       and locations. This withdrawal does not constitute the
       'twinkling of an eye' lift-up of Light Workers which is, in
       essence, Phase I of the planetary evacuation.

        Therefore, the time sequence calls first for the Commander
       gatherings to take place as a preparation for the global
       evacuation steps which will occur quickly or later in the
       future. The Commander councils may involve some landings in
       secluded areas. In the Great Light. I am Captain Avalon."

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