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The Summons to the Secret Councils

Part IV

                         Andromeda Rex is the Speaker


       "Greetings in the Great Light. I am Andromeda Rex. The
       Gatherings will take place under the highest secrecy
       imaginable. The 'Gathering of the Eagles' will come first.
       This meeting will consist of the advanced echelon of
       Commanders, a group of highly trained Beings, skilled in
       planetary affairs. They will contact world governments, groups
       of Light students, preparing them for an eventual lift-off
       while the planet is made new. The people must be advised that
       this is imminent. Those who will remain behind to pass through
       the fire and water must know the reasons why they will not be
       lifted off. For out of this trial will come new leaders and
       new hope for humanity. They must know that they are never
       really alone.

        The Earthean Eagles will bring back with them from the meeting,
       concrete, indisputable proof! The Eagles are the ones who will
       be needed immediately in the days ahead; and who will be beamed
       up last during evacuation. The Earthean Eagles will be
       contacted and expected to be at their destined positions in as
       little time as twelve hours from the time of the Call to
       Gather. The Eagles will also remain for the regular Gathering,
       to be briefed with everyone else, and will then brief the Light
       Commanders under them.

        Those of you who are Light Commanders must be brought further
       into our radiation and thoughts. Now is the time in which we
       call you to attend to your duties for which you were posted in
       an early lifetime. Arise, O Eagles, arise and fly that Michael
       and His Hosts may join you in flushing from the Earth all
       vestiges of evil and negativity. The planet Earth must return
       to its rightful place in the Cosmos.

        Depending on the openings into your dimension at the time of
       your Gathering, you will either be beamed aboard physically, or
       it will of necessity be an out-of-body experience. In either
       event, time can be compressed for those who must not leave
       their areas for more than one night in the physical body, so
       what would normally be a two-week meeting would be an
       eight-hour expanse of Earth time for that person. Each will
       return consciously aware of their orders and all aspects of the

        To return to the above statement about openings into third
       dimension, with all of the acute electromagnetic activity from
       the planetary events in your heavens, dimensional warping is
       taking place. Certain doors which are normally open paths
       between realms are closing temporarily during certain planetary
       configuations -- most important to note is the Jupiter/Saturn
       conjunctions. When Mars is heavily aspected, we also find the
       narrowing of the dimensional passageways. This is not a
       reference to the ley lines, but a passageway between them.

        At the Gathering, there will be a welcoming reception, with the
       mingling of Beings from all worlds. A truly exciting time, for
       we introduce the Eartheans to their Galaxy and Universe! The
       first time in thousands of years that Earth has participated on
       the scale which she will now. We are grateful that at long last
       she comes back into the fold. The purpose of the Gathering will
       be fully explained at that time, with a full discussion of the
       potential crisis to the planet and its inhabitants; the
       decisions reached by the planetary Hierarchy; and the role that
       you Earth Beings will now play in restoring life to the planet.
       Assignments of Commanders will be made, and then each Commander
       will meet with the group under him/her to firm up decisions and
       make plans.

        Since you Earthly Light Commanders will have a closer and even
       a bodily contact with us over the next few years, or whenever
       evacuation must be executed (it is absolutely dependent upon
       mankind's Free Will), at this very moment we are preparing for
       each one of you a pendant. This is no ordinary pendant, but one
       similar to those worn in Atlantis by those working in the
       strong electromagnetic fields around the crystals. In the
       center of the pendant is a small body crystal which we are
       attuning to the vibrational frequencies of each Commander.
       Preparation of the crystals is going on at a feverish pace
       aboard the host Command ship.

        As each person is welcomed aboard, he or she will have a
       pendant slipped around the neck, never to be removed again in
       bodily form. Upon the body's death, should that happed, the
       pendant will immediately dissolve. The body crystal attuned to
       each one's vibrational pattern will help each to tolerate
       changes in frequencies on the Earth plane as well as when
       aboard the Command ships. Ships, yes. Each will receive a
       special assignment and report to that specific Mother Ship
       involved with a particular area of Command. We need use of
       caution here, that not all be revealed at this stage.

        Communication will also be greatly enhanced through mental
       telepathy, as by wearing the body crystal, one's vibrations
       will be stepped up and a more synchronous match can be
       established between the realms. A matter of vibration is all
       that defines dimensions. We cannot give anymore information at
       this time without divulging classified information to the
       public. Not everyone who will read your forthcoming book,
       Tuella, will be of the Light. Therefore, we are not permitted
       to go any further, just as you will not be permitted to give
       out time, dates, and whatnot.

        To reiterate. First, there will be the Gathering of the Eagles.
       This Gathering will consist of many of the Lord's Hosts, two or
       more contingencies from a far galaxy who will arrive in the
       Earth's atmosphere in time for their participation. Expertly
       trained for planetary evacuation in time of dire need, these
       brave Souls of Light have volunteered to assist us as we now
       reach the crisis point in Earth's destination.

        After the meeting and blending of those who come from the
       Planet Earth itself, a triune Council will be formed -- The
       Ascended Master/Angelic Realm, the Universal, and the Earth --
       all blended together as one with one common bond, the survival
       of man, that he may evolve into MAN. HuMan (Heavenly,
       Universal, Man).

        After that Conclave, then the real Gathering of the Light
       Commanders takes place. After that event, the real work
       commences as all Heaven and Light upon the Earth strive to
       bring the planet Earth into its proper alignment with the
       Christ potential. The advent of the Christ Light [not a PERSON]
       between December 15 and December 30 will create great turmoil.
       Most inhabitants of Earth cannot endure the vibrations as they
       are, let alone what they will be by December 1982. You will
       have much work to do by then. Evacuation plans should be on
       schedule, but we need everyone's help to make this possible. I
       thank you. In the Great Light, I am Andromeda Rex."