Theodora the "Group Mind"
        of the Ashtar Space Command
        Received by Yvonne Cole

         "Greetings in the "Light" of the Ashtar Command.
         "Earth is a free-will planet, and we are under a Prime
        Directive to not interfere with this creative giving gift,
        and so we do not. But we do all we can within the Directive
        to offer assistance and protection. We send down wave upon
        wave of Light-filled energy to so bombard your inner souls
        that the encoded memories of who you truly are will awaken
        and begin to help us from your level of awareness.

         "As much as we can do from here there is so very much more
        that those of us who are aware of their purpose can do from
        the surface. One such Light-filled being is Yvonne whom we
        have nurtured from her birth and watched over her until we
        thought she was ready to awaken to her chosen task.

         "There are thousands like her who have become aware of their
        missions and there are thousands more who will do so in the
        immediate future.

         "Upon their dedication to their chosen paths rests the future
        of your abused planet, for only they can turn the tide. They
        can use their free will to actively spread the word and bring
        awareness to those who have not heard the call. Time is
        running out! And Earth WILL ascend with or without those who
        reside on her surface. She can take no more of the abuse that
        has been heaped upon her all in the name of progress and

         "Your early Native Americans lived in harmony with her for
        thousands of years and never harmed her. Can you say as much?

         "This is how it will occur... we do not know the exact
        moment, but we do know how it will happen, because it has
        happened before. The Earth has cleansed herself many times,
        but this will be the first time she has lifted to a higher
        dimension which will preclude the chances of this abuse from
        ever happening again.

         "In the fifth dimension the dualistic system is non-existant.
        Deceit and fear are non-existant. Telepathy is the means of
        communication. Love and Light are the rule. Those who choose
        to remain in third dimensional levels may do so, but not on
        Planet Earth! They will go to a place where they may continue
        their growth at their own chosen level. The rest will ascend
        with Mother Earth and be her caretakers in the thousand year
        quest of peace promised by all of your great teachers of the

         "We are honored to be a part of this magnificent graduation
        and stand ready to assist all mankind in any manner allowed.

         "Awaken now, dear Brothers and Sisters, for we await to join
        you as the family we truly are!