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  The following is a compendium of various space beings known to be
  members of the Universal Confederation of Planets and are currently
  working with the Solar Cross, K O R Communications Center, and other
  "Light" centers throughout the Galaxy.


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Members of the UCP/Solar Cross

  Name                Occupation or Mission       Location or Origin


  Korton              Head, K O R                 K O R - Mars
                      Communications Supervisor   North Regio Sector

   Zo                  Communications Supervisor   K O R - Mars

  Lotan               S/C Liaison Supervisor      K O R - Mars

  Dar-Nell (female)   Psychologist, Paranormal    Teminous Eta
                                                  Vegan Space Central

  Mon-Ka              Head, Solar Tribunal        Saturn, Titan
                      Kadar, President

  Soltec              Astrophysicist              In our Solar System
                      Member Galactic Survey

  Hatonn              Head, Galactic Records      Terminous Hatonn
                      Keeper of Galactic Archives
                      Commander, Space Council

  Voltra              Psychologist                Planet Venus
                      Galactic Survey Commander

  Mora                Scientist                   Planet Venus
                      Geophysical Specialist
                      Member Earth Survey Team

  Meck-Tau            Scientist                   Planet Mars
                      Member Galactic Survey
                      Mission Specialist

  Lalur               Medical Specialist          Planet Neptune

  Katonis             Psychologist                Planet Uranus

  Eia (female)        Starship Commander          Formalhout System
                      Member Galactic Survey

  Bellarion           Scientist                   Planet Venus

  Surnia (female)     Scientific Advisor          In our Solar System
                      Galactic Tribunal, S/C

  Lactu               Contact Specialist          On Planet Earth

  Zolgus              Member Galactic Survey      In our Solar System

  Kla-La              Head, Galactic Tribunal     Aldebaran-3
                      Kadar, President

  Sutko               Member Galactic Tribunal    Aldebaran-3

  Merku               Scientist                   Planet Mars

  Elan                Tribunal Interpreter        Trantor
                      Galactic Central

  Sig-Mar             Chief of Intelligence       Trantor
                      Central Intelligence        Galactic Central

  Myl-La N-Trok       K O R Supervisor #24        Station KOR, Mars

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Solar Cross Members @ working with K O R

  Solar Cross Members known to be Telepathic Liaison or other members
  of the Communications Center working with K O R and Korton at one
  time or another in the past. 

  Name                Occupation or Mission       Location or Origin


  Amor                Telepathic Supervisor       Aldebaran
                      Solar Cross Saras

  El-tar              Telepathic Liaison          Planet Jupiter
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Jenis               Telepathic Liaison          Solar System
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Elexar              Telepathic Liaison          Planet Jupiter
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Le-Ar               Public Relations            Solar System
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Alta-Zar            Telepathic Liaison          Solar System
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Erisa               Telepathic Liaison          Trantor
                      Solar Cross Saras           Galactic Central

  Atrica              Community Assistance        Solar System
                      Solar Cross Saras

  Gor-ed              Telepathic Liaison          Eta-Aquila
                      Solar Cross Saras
                      Vegan Space Central         Terminous Eta

  Ka-L-Lia            Telepathic Liaison          Maldek
                      Solar Cross Saras

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Spiritual Hierarchy

  Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy

  Name                Occupation or Title         Location or Origin


  Esu                 Lord of Planet Earth        Earth's Moon
                      Planetary Guardian

  Oxoh                Arch-Angel Michael          In our Solar System

  Esola               Lord of Planet Jupiter      Planet Jupiter
                      Planetary Guardian

  Malacandra          Lord of Massar              Planet Mars
                      Planetary Guardian

  Perelandra          Lord of Planet Venus        Planet Venus
                      Planetary Guardian

  Lurga               Lord of Planet Saturn       Planet Saturn
                      Incarnation of The Word

  Veritilbia          Lord of Meaning, THOTH      Planet Mercury
                      Planetary Guardian

  Glund-Oyarsa        Lord of Solar System        Sol
                      Solar Guardian

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Ashtar Command

    Space Contacts known to be working with the Ashtar Galactic Command


    Lord Ashtar       First Commander             Ashtar Galactic Command
                      Ashtar Galactic Command

    Alphon            Fleet Commander             Intergalactic Fleet

    Andromeda Rex     Ambassador                  Ashtar Space Command

    Anton             Fleet Commander             Silver Fleet

    Avalon            Fleet Commander             South Western Fleet
                      of America

    Cassion           Etheric Hierarchy           Great White Brotherhood

    Cetti             Etheric Hierarchy           Great White Brotherhood

    Jesus-Sananda     Commander-in-Chief          Ashtar Galactic Command

    Jycondria         Commander                   Ashtar Space Command
                      Assistant to Ashtar

    Joshua            Spiritual Hierarchy         Planet Earth

    J.W.              Spiritual Hierarchy         Planet Jupiter

    Lord Hatonn       Chief Grand Commander       Space Council
                      Keeper of Galactic          Ashtar Galactic Command
                      Archives                    Terminous Hatonn

    Hilarion          Lord of Emerald Ray         Planet Earth

    Korton            Commander and Head          K O R - Mars
                      of Communications           Ashtar Galactic Command

    Kuthumi           World Teacher               Planet Earth

    Lytton            Etheric Hierarchy           Solar System

    Matton            Mission Coordinator         Ashtar Command

    Mon-Ka            Kadar - Saturn Tribunal     Planet Saturn
                      Commander of the 7th Fleet  Ashtar Galactic Command
                      Assistant to Ashtar

    St. Germain       Lord of Violet Ray          Solar Tribunal

    Soltec            Astrophysicist              Solar System
                      Commander of Phoenix

    Theodora          Etheric Hierarchy           Ashtar Space Command
                      Group Mind

    Voltra            Space Psychologist          Planet Venus

    Xyletron          Fleet Commander             Intergalactic Fleet

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